The 10th Malam Citrabayu 2017: A Golden Experience.

Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Malam Citrabayu 2017, indeed was a golden experience for me. Never have I ever thought that I would be dancing the Sabahan cultural dance on stage and to compete with eight other universities namely, University of Malaya(UM), University Putra of Malaysia(UPM), National University of Malaysia(UKM), Sultan Idris University of Education(UPSI), University of North Malaysia(UUM), University of Selangor(Unisel), University of Technology MARA (UiTM), and University Malaysia of Terengganu (UMT) along with our team, University of Science, Malaysia(USM).

Photo Credit: Zul Ikhwan Aziz

Being on stage was not a big problem for me but to dance for the views of over 2,000 peoples in the hall was a tremendously nervous moment for me. I can’t stop myself from jumping up and down before the competition just to calm myself down. Yet, I could not tell you the excitement when we got on stage. When the dance starts, the cheers and support from the crowds was the greatest thing I’d received and somehow, I liked it. It burns my energy to go all out and show the best I could give on stage. I think we did our best but unfortunately we weren’t able to get Top 3.  

Although we did not get any placement but the time where I had spent together with them practicing in KOMCA (till the break of dawn on the last two weeks before competition) and the moment we danced on stage were still fresh in my mind. I can still hardly believe that I did it, danced on such fast paced and enthralling dance moves choreographed by a friend of mine named Jerry (hyperlink it).

The ending pose.
Photo Credit: Zul Ikhwan Aziz

I think words could not describe how much I misses all of the experience I had during the journey of completing the MCB17 dance performance, thus, I shall let the pictures walk the talk:-

First time got my face with make-up on.

Ling-Ling, the girl whom always make the team laugh so hard. 

Angie, the petite girl but with big appearance.

Us, the dancers.

break of dawn, where our dance training just ended.

On the day of performance, with Sanchez.

And thank you so much to these people who came over to support us!:

Jacky & His Girlfriend Joey, Syaheerah and Jonathan.

Emcee of the day, Bella! 

Liah, our strong supporter. Hahahaha

Jeon Mi Ra, All the way from Korea! Gituuuu Hahahaha

From right, Anis Nad and Brian.

Last but not least, the dancers.

Guess which one is me? Hahaha

Below are two videos recorded on our dance representing USM for Malam Citrabayu 2017.

Thank you so much every single one of the team for such an amazing experience!

- Dreamyyen -

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  1. Am so proud of you dear Douglas!!! As they say, adventure is the champagne of life. And believe me or not, you are living your life to the fullest. All the best D!!!!!